Resume the work and production

2590POWSTAR GROUP2020/2/20 22:33:27

 According to the CPC, the Central Committee, and the State Council, the provincial government is determined to fight the epidemic, control war, and promote the healthy development of the economy as well as socially stable general deployment requirements. We will return to work and continue production so that we can strengthen our epidemic prevention ways. We are quickly restoring our production to ensure the effective supply goes all out to minimize the adverse impacts on economic development due to the epidemic. We will do our best to ensure we continue enterprise production and business operation while having a stable operation. We will work hard to prevent and control the epidemic, also building a tight line of defense. 


The chairman of the board of directors has ordered each unit field inspection guide for epidemic prevention and control.


Since we have resumed work and production, the company has invested more than 800,000 RMB in epidemic prevention and control. Our company has purchased and distributed more than 60,000 medical masks, provided more than 100 protective suits, purchased more than 80 portable temperature meters, alcohol disinfectant, and other materials providing a solid guarantee for the implementation of epidemic prevention and control work. 


We have units strictly implementing the company's overall deployment requirements for epidemic prevention and control measures. Also, setting up the enterprise overall health information parameter. We carry out full temperature detection and safety confirmation of work every day. Our personnel places strict disinfection epidemic prevention, effectively cutting off the source of infection so that we can prevent the spread of disease to ensure employees' safety and body health. We have laid out a solid foundation to continue our productivity while mak

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