Resume the work and production

881POWSTAR GROUP2020/2/20 22:33:27

  According to the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the provincial government resolutely fight the epidemic prevention and control war, promote the healthy development of the economic and social stable general deployment requirements, the company stresses the epidemic prevention and control, on one hand, to return to work and production, to strengthen epidemic prevention and control war phased achievements, on the basis of quickly restore production to ensure the effective supply, go all out to minimize the adverse impacts on the economic development of the epidemic, try your best to ensure the enterprise production and business operation and stable operation.

  We will work hard to prevent and control the epidemic and build a tight line of defense. Combining with the new situation of the epidemic situation appear constantly, the new change, the company before return to work and production on epidemic prevention and control work arrangements and deployment, focus on the good dirt chess, science developed during the epidemic prevention and control work to return to work and production plan and carry out the plan of the enterprise, the chairman of the board of directors has separately to each unit field inspection guide epidemic prevention and control and return to work and production work, ensure the scientific and efficient implementation of the work. Since its resumption of work and production, the company has invested more than 800,000 RMB in epidemic prevention and control, purchased and distributed more than 60,000 medical masks, more than 100 protective suits, more than 80 portable temperature meters, alcohol and disinfectant, and other materials, providing a solid guarantee for the implementation of epidemic prevention and control work. Units strictly implement the company's overall deployment requirements, earnestly implement the epidemic prevention and control measures, set up the enterprise overall health information parameter, timing to carry out the full temperature detection and safety confirmation work every day, and the key areas and personnel intensive place strict disinfection epidemic prevention, effectively cutting off the source of infection, to prevent the spread of the spread of disease, to ensure employees' life safety and body health, comprehensive win the epidemic war laid a solid foundation.

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